Defining our vision: it’s all about the big picture.

It has been ages since the last blog and plenty has been going on behind the scenes: we are now in our site (91 Whitby Road, BS4 4AR), fit-out is underway, our equipment is due to arrive next week, the team has started, and we even got a little delivery van to ferry some kegs around come August.

Everything we are doing, we are doing with the big picture in mind.  From assembling a team that shares our values, to installing a brewery that can help us deliver excellent quality, right through to securing a site that is big enough to expand if required.  The big picture even translates to our branding:

Quite a big picture, and the current universe of Lost and Grounded Brewers.

As brewing is almost upon us, the beers that we will produce are of upmost importance, and at last we have (more or less!) decided on an initial range of five beers: no easy feat when there are so many incredible styles to choose from, many of these I’m sure we will dabble in down the road sometime!

All of these beers have been influenced by our collective past and styles with which we are fascinated.  We aim to take everything we have learned in our studies, travels and experiences to head in new directions.  The past is exactly that: we want to create something new.

For us, Lost and Grounded Brewers is now a place to belong, and an adventure that we want to share with all.  When thinking about our branding we knew we wanted an illustrative approach that would reflect what we aim to create: a world that is fresh, friendly and curious. We chose to work with independent artists and designers to do this project, and particularly wanted to work with people who had little to no experience with brewing; we didn’t want past experiences to constrain new ideas. We love the diversity of branding in the UK brewing industry and really wanted to make our own mark.

We were very excited when we discovered Alexia Tucker’s portfolio ( and have had a great time working together to give our initial range of beers an identity.  We had a very distinct idea of what we wanted to portray and Lex was able to translate our vision and crazy notions into what we think has become something very special.  For the finishing touches we used local independent graphic designer Sam Davis  (, a friend of Lex and all round relaxed guy. It was great to have the diversity of the team and we are really excited with the results.  To both Lex and Sam, a hearty thank you for your wonderful work. As we move into the future we can’t wait to continue working together to keep telling the story of Lost and Grounded Brewers.  Cheers!