We have a 25HL brewhouse from our friends at Krones which is located in Freising, Germany. Freising is also the home of the famous Weihenstephan, so if ever in the area stop in for a magnificent Helles or Weissbier.

A special feature of our brewhouse is the inclusion of a traditional lactic acid propagation plant. In this plant we naturally produce “sour” wort with a special strain of lactic acid bacteria, originally isolated from the husk of malt; this sour wort is in turn used to naturally adjust the pH across the brewing process. This is a totally natural way to brew and is the traditional way for German brewers to work in their brewhouse, producing smooth, rounded and delicate beers. We are applying this method of brewing to all we make (German, Belgian and all else!), which gives us added flexibility when fine tuning the palate of our beers.

Currently we pack beer into 30L returnable kegs (S-type coupling), 330ml bottles and 440ml cans.  One-way kegs (20L and 30L) can be filled for special orders (e.g. export or festivals), as can 50L returnable kegs (S-type or A-type coupling).